Treasures of the Dancing Jane

The Treasures of the Dancing Jane

Below lies a full list of items found in the strongroom of the Dancing Jane. Included is a description of each item and a detailed account of the damage caused by the corrosive and polluted waters surrounding the swamp. The estimated values are for an item in perfect condition.

A Pair of Megadean Vases

Two beautiful vases from the northern country of Maged, dated to before the great war that ravaged their country.

Jet-black, each of the vases curves wonderfully, based off the curve of a woman’s body from hip to neckline. The handles are twisted, giving the impression of a strong, twisted vine. Leaf patterns have been painted onto the pottery in silver and dark green, a style indicative on the period they were made.

Both vases have survived the past eight months remarkably well, with no discernable damage. This may in part be due to the height of the container from the bottom of the deck.

Estimated Value – 200 gold pieces each.

A golden statue of an Asolear

Stood on a heavy stone plinth, the statue of the Asolear is impressive despite its damaged state. Standing at a little over 10inches in height, and 18inches long. The Asolear was obviously incredibly well sculpted, the flames of his mane intricately tooled.

The corrosive water of this vile swamp has damaged the golden figurine greatly. Where one each paw had been spectacularly worked, and each claw defined beautifully, now all that remains is a shapeless stumb on the end of each leg.

Though much of the body shows signs of corrosion, the face and the mane are still perfectly in tact. I have little doubt that Brother Garon, and Liara woul be interested in the casting.

Estimated Value – 565 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of the Culver Family

This painting has been well painted; the oils used appearing to be of very high quality. It depicts a family sat around a large wooden table. All are dressed in rich clothing, depicting their standing in high-society.

The painting has survived the eight-months well, with no damage to the canvas itself; however the wooden frame that encases the image has began to rot and disintegrate. As such frame and painting have been separated for the time being, to avoid the rot spreading.

The frame carries a small metal plaque, with the title ‘The Culver Family’

Estimated Value – 250 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of Mr Lysann and Mrs Illnune Culver

Obviously painted by the same artist as the family portrait, though the technique is perhaps not quite as refined. It depicts both Mr and Mrs Culver in a playful embrace, each wearing finery. Mrs Culver wears the amber jewellery described later.

Both painting and frame have survived the eight months well, with no discernable damage.

Estimated Value – 173 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of Mr. Lysann Culver

Estimated Value – 83 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of Mrs. Illnune Culver

Estimated Value – 83 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of Master Calt Culver

The painting of Master Culver shows him sitting upon a dark brown horse, lightly armoured, and bearing a militia insignia. Both the wooden frame and the canvas itself have begun to take damage from the rotting water.

Were it not for the rot and the water damage, this would have likely been a good quality portrait, though the subject lacks the good looks of his father.

Estimated Value – 70 gold pieces.

An Oil Painting of Miss Jeserel Culver

Jeserel Culver is easily the most attractive of the family, and it is my assessment that the artist responsible for the portraits must have been enamoured with her due to the detail in the painting.

Her high cheek bones and slim jaw line imply elven blood in her ancestry, though her parents and brother display no sign of it within them.

Both canvas and frame have withstood damage superbly, and I believe it may be possible that they were treated against damage before the ship set sail.

Estimated Value – 97 gold pieces.

A trio of small Coral Scarabs

Estimated Value – 61 gold pieces each.

An Ornate Wooden Sceptre

Estimated Value – 465 gold pieces.

A set of Crystal Goblets

Estimated Value – 300 gold pieces.

A Pair of Gilded Dining Chairs

Estimated Value – 565 gold 5silver pieces each.

A Jenovian Vase

Estimated Value – 175 gold pieces.

A Brace of Gryphone Statues

Estimated Value – 35 gold piecese each.

A Golden Necklace, in the shape of the Holy Symbol of Keyestra

Estimated Value – 80 gold pieces.

A set of Ivory Smoking Pipes

Estimated Value – 175 gold pieces.

A Tortoise Shell Comb with Silver Teeth

Estimated Value – 46 gold pieces.

A set of Statues of the Good Gods

Estimated Value – 33 gold 3 silver pieces each.

A set of Amber Jewellery

Estimated Value – 212 gold pieces.

A Peridot Ring

Estimated Value – 300 gold pieces.

A Glass Bowl

Estimated Value – 75 gold pieces.

Treasures of the Dancing Jane

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