The Swamp Temple Of Sorath

At the middle of the temple is a large room with a grand pair of curved stairs leading upwards either side of a complicated set of lenses and some sort of ring that reminds you of an eye, made of gold and decorated to represent the burning sun it would appear to be a mechanical device that can be opened and closed to block the path of the light.

A flight of stairs lead down in the centre of the room. The stair well goes down deep into the earth. About half way down above the stairs can be seen a large window into a chamber.
Below the chamber in the centre of the stairs is another set of mirrors, the directs any light coming from the window down the stairs.

The camber holds the alter of the sky, this chamber can only be seen into while the iris upstairs is closed, as once it’s open warming sunlight is reflected into the corridor and then down to the chamber below along the corridor by a selection of mirrors.

The Alter has 3 orbs resting on it below a mural of the Sky, above each orb is a Golden bracket mounted in the mural representing Dawn, Midday and Dusk.

The chamber below has a second iris just before a complex mechanism of lenses and a large sundial that can be rotated, mounted within the sundial’s gnomon is a disk of shimmering light.
After the sundial is a second lens and mirror.

On the opposite side of the room to the entrance is a large golden door, above which are three crystal mirrors.
The door is locked and has a large key embossed with the sun set in its centre, it also surrounded by an inscription in the now familiar ancient text.

Max has investigated the Iris and the lenses, he believes that
a) Setting the sundial to different times of day alters how the light travels though the lenses.
b) The shimmering disk within the sundial’s gnomon can be moved into and out of the lights path regardless of setting. Max believes that with the disk in the path of the light a portion is projected onto the floor before the locked doorway.
c) While the shimmering light is in the lights path the sundial can not be rotated or moved.
d) The lens and mirror after the sundial are used to direct the light towards one of the three crystal lenses above the locked door.
e) The crystal lenses direct the light into the chamber above and that they light up the brackets, however it is highly unlikely that they line up in order and experiments suggest this to be true though it’s not possible to see enough light to work out which is which.

Kishara translated the following script from the walls around the doorway.

When the key has been turned and all the sun’s light warms the globes of daytimes passing in turn, the way shall be opened.
But be warned, between the days of slowest passing and longest resting only once may the portal of shimmering light be opened to the altar of the sky. On the altar rests the globes of days passing, return with the knowledge of day’s moments and the globes placed.
Once the Globes rest in the sky’s of the day only once can the globes be lit as sunlight’s warmth shall return them to the altar, till next the portal may open.

Megra turned the key and couldn’t think of anything useful from her arcane background.

Brother Garon couldn’t think of anything useful about rituals.

The Swamp Temple Of Sorath

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