Extract 4


Thus has come to pass the great loss of our time and within is the tale that shall forever be a warning, at the proclamation of The Lord Dern states

There shall always be heroes and it is the duty of all to keep vigilant for the works of darkness, lest the plotting and scheming of my jealous kin destroy all that is good.

And so hear in lies the records of the past years so that all who read it shall know what hath past and be witness that it shall never pass again.

To us, the beginnings are a mystery that lieth in the deeps far beyond the shore, vague hints from the voices on of waves tell of the Giant leader, follower of the Dark Storm, whose destiny was foretold and the coming of a great leader was much anticipated within his kin.

Of what we know is that the mightiest of the giants followed him and tales have reached us of how he came bestride the great beast he had captured and tamed out in the deepest furthest waters. Some say he travelled the realm of pure water and was bequeathed by the Dark Storm himself.

The Herald of the Storm he was named, before the Wars with man and elf, troll and sahuagin were put to slavery by the sea giants and gathered into armies. Deals with hags and spirits of The Dark Storm created a mighty host with which The Herald struck.

Leading his kin in battle with the beast to the fore, the armies of The Herald crashed into the land like a great Tsunami shattering the land and sinking the Isles of the shimmering morning into the sea, the city of Talishmana on the coast of gold is forever lost to us. Much was the weeping for the lost city where the elves of the sea and their land dwelling allies met for great trade and friendship.

In the town of Karlim to the north it was decided to make a stand, the sorceries and magic’s of the Herald and his allies empowered the beast with the force of a thousand waves, the voice of thunder and strike as a bolt of lightning.

At great sacrifice was recovered some of the lore of Talishmana and a tower of stone and gold was built. Upon which the followers of light and good preformed rituals of binding drawing the power of the storms and sea inwards, drawing away the power from the beast. The Herald reacted in anger and hatred for the land and his army turned to Karlim as expected where a great battle was fought, from the cliffs archers of the elves rained death, the Dwarves held the passes while men and sea elf battled in the sea. Though as acclaimed by Dern in all times it is heroes that carry out the will of the gods and such did a band of legend take a ship to the heart of the giants, there they slew The Herald and grievously wounded the beast, upon which a great spell of banishment was cast locking it to the depths far from land when it sleeps and licks its wounds.

Thus peace has been won though at great cost and the sea elves have departed for a time to seek out the sea Giants and take upon them a vengeance and justice for the loss of the city they weep for.

Extract 4

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