Extract 3

Extract 3 – Concerning the Tomb of the Herald

With the parting of the Sea Elves it hath been decided that the commissioning of a tomb to house the remains of The Herald and his greatest followers, and since the powers upon The Staff are unknown and none may touch it without dire consequences it too shall be housed within.

The council hath decreed that The Tomb shall be far to the south so that The Holy Tower can continue to keep watch on The Beast without risk of corruption. The Tomb shalt be guarded by the people of The Council and Churches so that none may enter and disturb the dead within unless by just cause.

Stone shall be brought from the Stonegate down the river beyond The Bridge of Kelathtor and used in the construction of barracks, temples and the Tomb beneath the earth.

Men, Elf, and Dwarf, strong of arms shalt be stationed there to watch over so that The Staff and its master will lie safe within.

Extract 3

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