Core Mechanics

Core Mechanics

Units of Time

Combat rounds (CR) = 1/5th of a minute, and 1/50 turn. Roughly speaking one CR may be 10 seconds the next 15 but basically it’s 1/5 of a game round.

Spell and effect durations. For ease of use we can try and call any mention of a game round simply a minute.

Any Beneficial spell or effect that lasts a number of “rounds” lasts that many minutes so if after 3 minutes into your 8 min spell combat starts you have 25 CRs left on the spell.

However offensive spells like heat metal, Tasher’s hideous uncontrollable laughter or flaming sphere all count there durations in Combat rounds not minutes.

Should make defensive spells more interesting and likely to be used rather than “saved for a better time”.

Poisons, disease and other things will depend on what make more sense at any time.

Core Mechanics

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