Blackening tides

To Rest by a Briar Patch

Shrubs, and Snakes, and Leeches; Oh My!

After much fruitless digging and speculation we decide that more thought is needed for this problem, the solution is not just going to present itself to us, people have spent their whole lives searching this swamp for ruins.

In looking for a place to camp we decide upon a mud flat which is covered in indigenous gorse, some of which Reg tells us can fire it thorns to paralyse creatures which get too close… The mysteriously vanishing island sounds better all the time.

We eventually clear the gorse, the variety which fires its thorns has venom strong enough to floor a large man for several minutes, as we found out a good few times. Judging by the collection of bones scattered around the shrubs they’re set off by vibrations, and they’re quite sensitive.

We cleared an area of the gorse and made camp.

Well I’ve had better nights, awakening due to python crushing is possibly one of the worst ways of being unexpectedly woken, then there’s everyone trying to stab it with what suddenly appear to be worryingly large weapons. I got it in the end, scaly bastard tried to get away but I was having none of it.

We cut Reg in on 10% of the sale of its hide for skinning it.

In mine and Shelly’s watch Liana had some of the largest leeches I’ve ever seen trying to make a meal of her.

We have come to a decision while waiting for the fog to clear, we’ve going to use the two large rivers to circle the delta we think the road lead through in the hope of spotting something from the water. We’ve decided to take the southern fork first as it’s unknown even to Reg.

Onwards I suppose.

Your Humble Servant
Maximilian Platinumhammer



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