Blackening tides

Further Adventures in the Swamp

and the Coming of Lizards

Taking our leave of the Dancing Jane, we continued our attempt to circumnavigate one of the larger islands. I am still convinced that this journey will give us some sign of the ruins that we are searching for, though I am beginning to get concerned at total lack of signs. I am unsure on the views of the rest of the group, though only one of them truly matters. I am also saddened to be leaving behind the treasures that we found upon that ship, many of them have survived well so far, but I am unsure how much longer they will.

Our journey is proceeding well, and I can feel the symptoms of the illness I have contracted lessening, hopefully I shall come through it unscathed, unlike the poor souls of the Jane. Truly though if there is one thing that frustrates more than anything, it is the persistence of the giant insects. While I am glad I do not have the same fear for them that Max has for snakes, they are a nuisance that is slowing us down, as well as draining our magical abilities (not that there is much I can cast on anyway!)

The dragonflies are, quite possibly, the most irritating as far as defence goes, quick and harrying, but they can at least be drowned once knocked unconscious. By far the most dangerous are the giant toads, and after a surprise attack we find ourselves moored on land repairing one of the boats.

Drumming…from across the water. It can only mean that the Lizardmen we have been thus far avoiding have caught up with us. Garon has, surprisingly, agreed to allow me the chance to try and talk to them, and negotiate a peaceful solution. I doubt that they will be able to speak any language that I know, though I am not willing to admit that to the others, but I can at least try.

The Lizardmen were followers of the Dark Lord of Death, and the battle was brutal and hard, but eventually all were vanquished. We took one prisoner, whom Garon allowed me to attempt to interrogate, but the lizardman, or woman, was uncooperative, and put to death. The kindest mercy. The rest of the watch will likely pass quietly, this may have only been a scouting force, but I doubt the main bulk will be so close behind.

Snakes…I can understand why Max dislikes them. Thankfully Megra was available to…neutralise the poison.

The next days travel has, so far, been just as eventful. An attack by giant toads was swiftly dealt with before we came across a far bigger threat. It appears my original theory was at least partially correct, the totems on the central island appear to be marking a territory boundary that does not extend past the river. Unfortunately, the opposite bank appears to be controlled by lizardmen following Brath, I believe that the lizardmen that attacked us last night may be from this same tribe.

Further down the river we came across what appears to be the beginnings of an assault force, or the continuation of one. Priests of Brath and Kostro lead warriors against the lizardmen loyal to Fearanda. We decided to join in, aiding by attacking the mage and archers on the opposite bank. It was not an easy battle, both Megra and Garon were felled by foul magic while fighting a gigantic sea monster (though it transpired said sea-monster was an illusion). Max also fell victim to charm magic, and entered a deep state of slumber, thankfully Shelly and I are immune due to our elven heritage.

I believe I may also have opened up diplomatic relations with the Fearandan lizardmen, aiding them as we did and showing respect to them at the end of the battle was rewarded with a show of respect from their leader, or at least the lizardman leading that force. I believe this could be an important step towards making peaceful contact, and finding the ruins. Only time will tell though.

Scribed by Kishara Moonsong daughter of the great chord.



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