Blackening tides

Ship Shape

In which we send the restless to their rest

We have resolved to search The Dancing Jane completely and clear it of any remaining undead.

We find more skeletons in the cabins on the deck bellow, most of them being dispatched with relative ease. My sword seems to smash through them in a most pleasing manner.

We have discovered a locked room. It was easy enough to open, once someone remembered we had a bunch of keys we found on the dead captain. The room appears to have been the store for the more valuable items being transported by the ship.

They appear to have been personal property of a rich family, including expensive furniture, family portraits and the like. Kishara has volunteered to inventory the items so we may provide a list to the proper authorities when we return; Brother Garon remained with her to help. Or keep an eye on her, I’m not sure which.

We found a cabin which appears to have been passenger quaters, perhaps for a merchant. We found a locked box, which had a poison trap on it. Unforuntatly Maximilian Platinumhammer set it off whilst examining the lock and then broke his lock picking tools in the lock. I think we should probably have looked for a key, personally.

On reaching the bottom most deck of the ship we encountered three much better armed skeletons that appeared to be the remains of men-at-arms of some variety. They were, however, still easily dispatched.

The room the skeletons emerged from seems to contain the ship’s brig; the door at the rear is barred and bolted from the outside. There are strange noises emanating from the locked room. I feel the presence of evil behind the locked door.

We consulted the ship’s log and found that the room contains the first crewman to die within the swamp. It seems they initially tried burying him at sea, in the traditional manner, but the corpse rose from the water as a sickly oozing undead abomination of some variety.

Such an evil creature obviously can not be allowed to remain, so we open the door in order to bring down the creature and lay the soul to rest, which was done after a little effort.

In Derne’s Service, Paladin Liana



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