Blackening tides

Further travels through the swamp and the discovery of the Dancing Jane

In which we fail to have a nice day.

We have began our journey along the northern distributary. For the most it is good sailing and I am in high spirits. It is almost as if my allies had discovered a heretofore unknown level of competence and diligence to duty.

Just encountered a trio of aggressive and oversized frogs. Safe to say we dispatched them quickly and suffered only minor bruises. Still, if I had to criticise – our reaction time was far too slow. We cannot allow ourselves to be so effectively ambushed when it really counts. If those had been lizardmen, armed with foul swamp magic and fire-brands, I cannot say the encounter would have gone so smoothly.

Finally reached the coast. I am enjoying the sea air, such as it is here. Considerably more pleasant than that bloody swamp!

Well, we’re back up the river. In the swamp. Despite my reservations it has been decided that we should head back rather than try to find our way through the sea-mist that had rolled in. So here we are, in the swamp. It’s cold, damp and bracing. Any other time I would enjoy the challenge. But this swamp, it’s tainted; the darkness here saps morale. The Paladin says the entire place is evil. I don’t doubt it.

Back on course along the coastline and have discovered an inland sea. Going to investigate and if the land stays good, have a look a mile or so inland, to see if we can spot anything. Those ruins cannot evade us forever.

Well that was a waste of a day. Found little more than some unnaturally strong and fast vines. It took us all day and all we found was more dangerous flora. I hate this swamp. On the bright side, the Paladin fell over. I allowed myself a smile, I must confess, watching her squirm in the swamp water. Of course, had I not been entangled in a vine, I would have rushed immediately to help her. Unfortunately, I could not.

We have made a significant discovery! A ship has run-aground here. The ‘Dancing Jane’. We’re going to go aboard and see if we cannot recover the cargo and learn the fate of the crew.

By the Gods – what a foul thing this swamp is! It cannot even allow the dead time to rest! The skeletal remains of the crew awoke and attacked us. But we have discovered valuable treasures, including a sextant; which will certainly come in handy! Reading the log, we discovered they ran aground and ran out of food and succumbed to swamp fever. A sad fate, and one not worthy of such a good ship and crew. I have said prayers for them.

Interesting thing to note – the log said the fever begins with cold like symptoms. And Kishara does not look well. It is beyond my power to cure her. I hope she does not become a burden upon us.

We shall see in the days ahead, I suppose.

Always a faithful servant of Vadomer,

Brother Garon



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