Blackening tides

Into the depths...

...and dizzying heights

The inside of this hag’s hut might quite possibly be, without a shadow of a doubt, the most nasty and malignant place I have ever visited. The vines and roots that make up this…what can only be described as a living cavern, creak and move ominously.

After descending the long, twisting flight of stairs to what I hoped was the bottom, we found ourselves on a plateau, beset by undead guards and a zombie cleric. His foul magic caused many of us to be ill, but we fought on as best we could, eventually dismissing them and taking a moment to rest.

I dare not look over the edge, I worry that we may be quite a way up.

It appears that 6 walkways lead from this plateau, one points upwards, three are level, one points down gradually and the last is a steep decline. We opt for the steeper of the two declining passages, hopeful that it will lead us swiftly to the hag, and we can get this whole business over with.

Alas it is not to be, but my original suspicions were correct, we were very high up. I can feel the panic and anxiety beginning to rise, hopefully I will not need to stand to close to any of the edges. At the bottom of the slope we are beset upon by snakes, but a well placed spell of mine, and some sharp blows from the others, send them to a watery grave. The disadvantage is that now the path must slope upwards, taking us once again higher up.

[The following pages are slightly damper]

At the top of the slope we were confronted with a wretch plant, and though many of my compatriots were able to pass by the thing without danger, I slipped on a puddle of the vile mucus and plummeted around 50feet into icy water below. I can only assume that if the Hag did not know we were here before, she does now. I am forever grateful to Maxand Liana, who managed to pull me back up to the path, and away from the group of Will ‘o’ Wisps that had begun to converge on my position.

While Maxand Liana were aiding me, the rest of our group saw off a pair of large snakes, and so we are once again on our journey. I have succumbed to panic twice now, and I can feel the urge to flee rising. For all his prowess as a warrior, and his passion for his faith, I hope that there never comes a time that we must rely on Garon’s diplomatic skills to find our way out of trouble, despite my fondness for him, I sometimes despair about his lack of personal skills.

[The pages from this point, are dry again]

I am also becoming most concerned about Megra. After passing the wretch plant, and walking for a while longer, we were assaulted by two large winged lizards, protecting a nest of four offspring. Despite my protests, the party decided to engage them, and in the subsequent battle the panic took over again, having been hoisted into the air and then dropped I am ashamed to admit I was of little aid to my friends.

However, despite the ease at while we could have bypassed the creatures, leaving them to their nest and heading back to safety, I do not believe the parents would have travelled far from their offspring, Megra took it upon herself to destroy the nest with fire, killing four innocent beings guilty of nothing more than trying to survive.

One good thing has come out of the encounter however, in my panic I found myself unable to move, and instead found myself being carried by Brother Garon, whom did a fine job of protecting me from the stinger bush we faced. Perhaps there is still some compassion within him, time will tell but I hope to coax it out from him.

We emerged, unfortunately, back on the same plateau that we started, having travelled in a large loop. I feel a need to rest now, I hope the others will agree.

Scribed by Kishara Moonsong daughter of the great chord.



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