Blackening tides

Into the depths...
...and dizzying heights

The inside of this hag’s hut might quite possibly be, without a shadow of a doubt, the most nasty and malignant place I have ever visited. The vines and roots that make up this…what can only be described as a living cavern, creak and move ominously.

After descending the long, twisting flight of stairs to what I hoped was the bottom, we found ourselves on a plateau, beset by undead guards and a zombie cleric. His foul magic caused many of us to be ill, but we fought on as best we could, eventually dismissing them and taking a moment to rest.

I dare not look over the edge, I worry that we may be quite a way up.

It appears that 6 walkways lead from this plateau, one points upwards, three are level, one points down gradually and the last is a steep decline. We opt for the steeper of the two declining passages, hopeful that it will lead us swiftly to the hag, and we can get this whole business over with.

Alas it is not to be, but my original suspicions were correct, we were very high up. I can feel the panic and anxiety beginning to rise, hopefully I will not need to stand to close to any of the edges. At the bottom of the slope we are beset upon by snakes, but a well placed spell of mine, and some sharp blows from the others, send them to a watery grave. The disadvantage is that now the path must slope upwards, taking us once again higher up.

[The following pages are slightly damper]

At the top of the slope we were confronted with a wretch plant, and though many of my compatriots were able to pass by the thing without danger, I slipped on a puddle of the vile mucus and plummeted around 50feet into icy water below. I can only assume that if the Hag did not know we were here before, she does now. I am forever grateful to Maxand Liana, who managed to pull me back up to the path, and away from the group of Will ‘o’ Wisps that had begun to converge on my position.

While Maxand Liana were aiding me, the rest of our group saw off a pair of large snakes, and so we are once again on our journey. I have succumbed to panic twice now, and I can feel the urge to flee rising. For all his prowess as a warrior, and his passion for his faith, I hope that there never comes a time that we must rely on Garon’s diplomatic skills to find our way out of trouble, despite my fondness for him, I sometimes despair about his lack of personal skills.

[The pages from this point, are dry again]

I am also becoming most concerned about Megra. After passing the wretch plant, and walking for a while longer, we were assaulted by two large winged lizards, protecting a nest of four offspring. Despite my protests, the party decided to engage them, and in the subsequent battle the panic took over again, having been hoisted into the air and then dropped I am ashamed to admit I was of little aid to my friends.

However, despite the ease at while we could have bypassed the creatures, leaving them to their nest and heading back to safety, I do not believe the parents would have travelled far from their offspring, Megra took it upon herself to destroy the nest with fire, killing four innocent beings guilty of nothing more than trying to survive.

One good thing has come out of the encounter however, in my panic I found myself unable to move, and instead found myself being carried by Brother Garon, whom did a fine job of protecting me from the stinger bush we faced. Perhaps there is still some compassion within him, time will tell but I hope to coax it out from him.

We emerged, unfortunately, back on the same plateau that we started, having travelled in a large loop. I feel a need to rest now, I hope the others will agree.

Scribed by Kishara Moonsong daughter of the great chord.

Into the Mangrove...
and the search for a witch.

It is morning. An eventful night, during which we suffered a dire blow – one of our boats was wrecked by vile lizardmen. It is a small blessing, I expect, that we have recovered the reptilian beasts own boats but they’re crude compared to ours. I shan’t feel comfortable sailing in it. Thankfully we’ve put that off for a day or so, at least. We’re going to head in land to search for this witch. Maximilian, with the aid of Harker managed to find the trail of the lizardmen that headed inland before. Our luck has been good so far – I hope it holds and we find this witch. The idea doesn’t sit right with me, but we must find her. We need the answers she may hold.

As I write these notes, I watch with some amusement Kishara arguing with the others about how best to deal with the hide of the, frankly enormous, crocodile we just killed. I grow more and more pleased with my companions; despite the horrific hardships of the swamp, we overcome each and every one, often with well-drilled ease. Perhaps this excursion was just the thing they needed to help them realise one simple fact of battle: Be organised, or die.

Megra just took the crocodiles eye.

Why is it always the eyes? I must avoid consuming her concoctions wherever possible.

My instincts tell me it’s going to be very foggy soon – and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Shelly concurs with me. I’ve insisted we press on; we cannot afford to waste time. This prompted Kishara to ask me how many of them must be sacrificed on this quest. I’m not sure where the question came from, or what relevance it had to the matter at hand. I think I must concur with Maximilian. Kishara is going mad.

In any case, I told her that all of us must be willing to give up our lives in the course of our duties. It is the very least expected of us.

And so we head on. Into the fog. Vadomer preserve us.

We have reached mangrove forest. Kishara has complained that visibility is going to be poor, with the fog, and that we should stop. Maximilian and myself have pointed out that, in the mangrove, visibility would be poor regardless.

I do not know if it is madness, or disease, that Kishara suffers but I find myself seriously questioning her conviction on this quest. I am unsure what is to be done about it.

I find myself struggling to clean these pages of the mass of dead biting insects that now cover everything we own. It was horrible. I regret that Vadomer did not bless me with the power to keep away vermin. Still, we have reached a rise. A sort of hill, made of the roots and branches of the mangrove trees. Megra feels it is witchcraft, of the foulest sort. I find it hard to disagree.

If we needed proof that this witch we seek was of the vilest, most evil, kind then we have just found it. Lizardmen corpses, risen by dark rituals to guard the witches hut. We dispatched them and defeated their evil magicks. My trident suffered some minor damage. A frustrating fact indeed. There was some kind of divining pool outside it. I remain convinced it was some sort of early warning for the witch. The others disagree.

Regardless, we plan to head into the hut and follow the stairs heading deep into the ‘hill’. I do not know what we will find.

Always a faithful servant of Vadomer,

Brother Garon

As the Log Said
In The Haunt of Malicious, Malefactorial, Mystic, Manifestations.

Ahhhh! A restful kip in muddy bog water, that is exactly what I needed to break this dreadful humdrum routine of cleanliness I find myself stuck in.

When Gar comes round from whatever the spell of the Lizardman’s was that rendered him and Megra unconscious, Kish tries to convince him that he defeated the illusionary serpent, I think Kish has been acting in an increasingly eccentric manner since we entered the swamp. Until a cause reveals itself, I’m going to put her behaviour down to the Elven inability to adapt to radically different situations.

Once we’ve dusted ourselves off Kish insists that we follow the the Lizard men that we aided into the mangrove to talk to them, she seems to think that we’ve made a sufficiently good impression on them, that following them from the scene of a battle wouldn’t been seen as hostile. It takes all of us saying “no!” to change her mind; she’s normally better at reading situations than this, it’s why she’s being trained in negotiation.

With deeper analysis of the logs from The Dancing Jane we have found reference to a camp which some of the sailors made about two days rowing up the northern river branch, a camp at which they were beset by what sound worryingly like Will-o’-the-Wisps. From this camp they travelled inland and found the hut of some kind of Hag or Witch, but it descends into recounting the raving nature of the crewman’s report, rather than its contents.

Towards evening, and quite some distance up river, we locate the ruins of the sailor’s camp, the rotten skeleton of their launch lying broken and discarded on the bank. A little inland into a stand of scrub be find the remains of a burnt out camp-fire, and the risen skeletons of two of the crew, Gar bids them flee in the name of Vadomer and they comply with alacrity. This leaves the rest of us to deal with what I’m going to call a ‘Mud-Zombie’ that rose from the water behind the boats, these things are tough customers, and disgusting to-boot.

It is late and we decide that making camp a little way inland should protect us from discovery.

With Kish under a Blessing of Watchfulness we make camp, and try to dry off around the rather meagre fire we can kindle from this damp swamp wood. Myself and Shelly take the watches at the dark of night. Before my watch I continue Kish’s archery lessons, thankfully there is a good number of sticks about in the gorse, so I don’t loose any arrows.

During Shelly’s watch they notice the tell-tale glow of Will-O’-The-Wisps trying to lure us off deeper into the mangrove. As Elves both Kish and Shelly are almost immune to the Wisps hypnagogic power.

More of the Murder and Strife worshipping lizard men attack us during the night, we dispatch them with what is becoming a practised technique sustaining only one casualty, the boat which Kish bought. Having been gummed by toads a few days earlier, it was finally seen to by a groggy lizard man with an axe.

Two of the lizard man warriors are led off into the mangrove by the Wisps, it would have been three or maybe four, my attention was occupied at the time, but Megra decided to engage them in hand-to-hand combat, apparently strangling one of them as it was unresisting in its dazed state. Now it would appear fully half the women on this trip are behaving irrationally, perhaps the swamp has some quality which impinges upon the sanity of the fairer sex; more evidence will be needed before I broach the subject with the others, I don’t think an unsubstantiated hypothesis of gender specific madness would be terribly well received.


  • Will-O’-The-Wisps; vacated the area.
  • Lizard Men; dead, fled, or lead away by Wisps.
  • Kish; seems to be getting the concept of not pining the bow stave into one’s face.

The way is open for sleep I think; onwards deeper into the mangrove tomorrow, to find the “hag” mentioned in the log. That should be fantastic jolly fun.

Your Humble Servant
Maximilian Platinumhammer

Further Adventures in the Swamp
and the Coming of Lizards

Taking our leave of the Dancing Jane, we continued our attempt to circumnavigate one of the larger islands. I am still convinced that this journey will give us some sign of the ruins that we are searching for, though I am beginning to get concerned at total lack of signs. I am unsure on the views of the rest of the group, though only one of them truly matters. I am also saddened to be leaving behind the treasures that we found upon that ship, many of them have survived well so far, but I am unsure how much longer they will.

Our journey is proceeding well, and I can feel the symptoms of the illness I have contracted lessening, hopefully I shall come through it unscathed, unlike the poor souls of the Jane. Truly though if there is one thing that frustrates more than anything, it is the persistence of the giant insects. While I am glad I do not have the same fear for them that Max has for snakes, they are a nuisance that is slowing us down, as well as draining our magical abilities (not that there is much I can cast on anyway!)

The dragonflies are, quite possibly, the most irritating as far as defence goes, quick and harrying, but they can at least be drowned once knocked unconscious. By far the most dangerous are the giant toads, and after a surprise attack we find ourselves moored on land repairing one of the boats.

Drumming…from across the water. It can only mean that the Lizardmen we have been thus far avoiding have caught up with us. Garon has, surprisingly, agreed to allow me the chance to try and talk to them, and negotiate a peaceful solution. I doubt that they will be able to speak any language that I know, though I am not willing to admit that to the others, but I can at least try.

The Lizardmen were followers of the Dark Lord of Death, and the battle was brutal and hard, but eventually all were vanquished. We took one prisoner, whom Garon allowed me to attempt to interrogate, but the lizardman, or woman, was uncooperative, and put to death. The kindest mercy. The rest of the watch will likely pass quietly, this may have only been a scouting force, but I doubt the main bulk will be so close behind.

Snakes…I can understand why Max dislikes them. Thankfully Megra was available to…neutralise the poison.

The next days travel has, so far, been just as eventful. An attack by giant toads was swiftly dealt with before we came across a far bigger threat. It appears my original theory was at least partially correct, the totems on the central island appear to be marking a territory boundary that does not extend past the river. Unfortunately, the opposite bank appears to be controlled by lizardmen following Brath, I believe that the lizardmen that attacked us last night may be from this same tribe.

Further down the river we came across what appears to be the beginnings of an assault force, or the continuation of one. Priests of Brath and Kostro lead warriors against the lizardmen loyal to Fearanda. We decided to join in, aiding by attacking the mage and archers on the opposite bank. It was not an easy battle, both Megra and Garon were felled by foul magic while fighting a gigantic sea monster (though it transpired said sea-monster was an illusion). Max also fell victim to charm magic, and entered a deep state of slumber, thankfully Shelly and I are immune due to our elven heritage.

I believe I may also have opened up diplomatic relations with the Fearandan lizardmen, aiding them as we did and showing respect to them at the end of the battle was rewarded with a show of respect from their leader, or at least the lizardman leading that force. I believe this could be an important step towards making peaceful contact, and finding the ruins. Only time will tell though.

Scribed by Kishara Moonsong daughter of the great chord.

Ship Shape
In which we send the restless to their rest

We have resolved to search The Dancing Jane completely and clear it of any remaining undead.

We find more skeletons in the cabins on the deck bellow, most of them being dispatched with relative ease. My sword seems to smash through them in a most pleasing manner.

We have discovered a locked room. It was easy enough to open, once someone remembered we had a bunch of keys we found on the dead captain. The room appears to have been the store for the more valuable items being transported by the ship.

They appear to have been personal property of a rich family, including expensive furniture, family portraits and the like. Kishara has volunteered to inventory the items so we may provide a list to the proper authorities when we return; Brother Garon remained with her to help. Or keep an eye on her, I’m not sure which.

We found a cabin which appears to have been passenger quaters, perhaps for a merchant. We found a locked box, which had a poison trap on it. Unforuntatly Maximilian Platinumhammer set it off whilst examining the lock and then broke his lock picking tools in the lock. I think we should probably have looked for a key, personally.

On reaching the bottom most deck of the ship we encountered three much better armed skeletons that appeared to be the remains of men-at-arms of some variety. They were, however, still easily dispatched.

The room the skeletons emerged from seems to contain the ship’s brig; the door at the rear is barred and bolted from the outside. There are strange noises emanating from the locked room. I feel the presence of evil behind the locked door.

We consulted the ship’s log and found that the room contains the first crewman to die within the swamp. It seems they initially tried burying him at sea, in the traditional manner, but the corpse rose from the water as a sickly oozing undead abomination of some variety.

Such an evil creature obviously can not be allowed to remain, so we open the door in order to bring down the creature and lay the soul to rest, which was done after a little effort.

In Derne’s Service, Paladin Liana

Further travels through the swamp and the discovery of the Dancing Jane
In which we fail to have a nice day.

We have began our journey along the northern distributary. For the most it is good sailing and I am in high spirits. It is almost as if my allies had discovered a heretofore unknown level of competence and diligence to duty.

Just encountered a trio of aggressive and oversized frogs. Safe to say we dispatched them quickly and suffered only minor bruises. Still, if I had to criticise – our reaction time was far too slow. We cannot allow ourselves to be so effectively ambushed when it really counts. If those had been lizardmen, armed with foul swamp magic and fire-brands, I cannot say the encounter would have gone so smoothly.

Finally reached the coast. I am enjoying the sea air, such as it is here. Considerably more pleasant than that bloody swamp!

Well, we’re back up the river. In the swamp. Despite my reservations it has been decided that we should head back rather than try to find our way through the sea-mist that had rolled in. So here we are, in the swamp. It’s cold, damp and bracing. Any other time I would enjoy the challenge. But this swamp, it’s tainted; the darkness here saps morale. The Paladin says the entire place is evil. I don’t doubt it.

Back on course along the coastline and have discovered an inland sea. Going to investigate and if the land stays good, have a look a mile or so inland, to see if we can spot anything. Those ruins cannot evade us forever.

Well that was a waste of a day. Found little more than some unnaturally strong and fast vines. It took us all day and all we found was more dangerous flora. I hate this swamp. On the bright side, the Paladin fell over. I allowed myself a smile, I must confess, watching her squirm in the swamp water. Of course, had I not been entangled in a vine, I would have rushed immediately to help her. Unfortunately, I could not.

We have made a significant discovery! A ship has run-aground here. The ‘Dancing Jane’. We’re going to go aboard and see if we cannot recover the cargo and learn the fate of the crew.

By the Gods – what a foul thing this swamp is! It cannot even allow the dead time to rest! The skeletal remains of the crew awoke and attacked us. But we have discovered valuable treasures, including a sextant; which will certainly come in handy! Reading the log, we discovered they ran aground and ran out of food and succumbed to swamp fever. A sad fate, and one not worthy of such a good ship and crew. I have said prayers for them.

Interesting thing to note – the log said the fever begins with cold like symptoms. And Kishara does not look well. It is beyond my power to cure her. I hope she does not become a burden upon us.

We shall see in the days ahead, I suppose.

Always a faithful servant of Vadomer,

Brother Garon

To Rest by a Briar Patch
Shrubs, and Snakes, and Leeches; Oh My!

After much fruitless digging and speculation we decide that more thought is needed for this problem, the solution is not just going to present itself to us, people have spent their whole lives searching this swamp for ruins.

In looking for a place to camp we decide upon a mud flat which is covered in indigenous gorse, some of which Reg tells us can fire it thorns to paralyse creatures which get too close… The mysteriously vanishing island sounds better all the time.

We eventually clear the gorse, the variety which fires its thorns has venom strong enough to floor a large man for several minutes, as we found out a good few times. Judging by the collection of bones scattered around the shrubs they’re set off by vibrations, and they’re quite sensitive.

We cleared an area of the gorse and made camp.

Well I’ve had better nights, awakening due to python crushing is possibly one of the worst ways of being unexpectedly woken, then there’s everyone trying to stab it with what suddenly appear to be worryingly large weapons. I got it in the end, scaly bastard tried to get away but I was having none of it.

We cut Reg in on 10% of the sale of its hide for skinning it.

In mine and Shelly’s watch Liana had some of the largest leeches I’ve ever seen trying to make a meal of her.

We have come to a decision while waiting for the fog to clear, we’ve going to use the two large rivers to circle the delta we think the road lead through in the hope of spotting something from the water. We’ve decided to take the southern fork first as it’s unknown even to Reg.

Onwards I suppose.

Your Humble Servant
Maximilian Platinumhammer

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